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Current Promo Offers - April 2020

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Buy 2 Personal Pan Pizzas Starting -₹ 99 each (to 30th Apr)
MAGIC PIZZA BOX OF 4 NON VEG for just Rs.409 (to 31st Dec)
GET BIG PIZZA MEAL FOR 4 FOR JUST Rs.699 (to 31st Dec)
FAMILY FUN MEAL FOR 2 FOR Rs.560 (to 31st Dec)
MAGIC PIZZA BOX OF 4 VEG for just Rs.385 (to 31st Dec)
BIG PIZZA MEAL FOR 2 FOR JUST Rs.399 (to 31st Dec)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Veggie Feast Pizza Starting At Rs 415Giv... (to 20th Oct)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Lebanese Chicken Pizza At Rs 515 OnwardGet... (to 29th Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Cheesy Garlic Bread Stix At Rs 129A perfec... (to 29th Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Choco Volcano Cake At Just Rs 89Enjoy this cho... (to 27th Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Purchase Veggie Overloaded Pizza For Rs 279 On... (to 22nd Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Chicken Sausage N Tikka Pizza From Rs 545E... (to 21st Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Purchase Mirinda For Rs 57Starving due to thir... (to 21st Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Onion Pan Pizza For Rs 69Have this finge... (to 12th Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Get Country Feast Pizza At Rs 515!Pizza brings... (to 9th Sep)
Pizza Hut Discount - Purchase Spiced Paneer Pizza At Rs 415 OnwardE... (to 8th Sep)
Get 20% OFF Medium Stuffed Crust Pizza Coupon (to 31st Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chicken Italiano Pizza From Rs 625Enjoy this s... (to 31st Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Choco Truffle Cake In Just Rs 89If you like tr... (to 29th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Smoked Chicken From Rs 545Enjoy this wee... (to 25th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Magic Pan Box Of 4 Veg At Rs 385!Buy this ... (to 25th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme At Just Rs 139Remov... (to 25th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Tandoori Paneer Pizza From Rs 515Enjoy a... (to 18th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Soya & Onion Pizza At Rs 99Have nothing to... (to 18th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Texas Garlic Dip For Rs 30A perfect side for y... (to 17th Aug)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Spicy Baked Chicken Wings At Rs 169Enjoy t... (to 31st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Pizza Order - Spiced Chicken Meatballs From Rs... (to 31st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Chickeroni Pizza At Rs 515 OnwardSurpris... (to 31st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Triple Treat Box Veg At Rs 699Enjoy this... (to 31st Jul)
Pizza Hut Sale - Buy Big Pizza Meal For 2 At Rs 565Craving for hung... (to 31st Jul)
Get 50% Discount on Medium Pan Pizzas (to 31st Jul)
Get 40% OFF on TTB ( TRIPLE TREAT BOX) (to 31st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Veggie Supreme Pizza At Base Price Of Rs 545Ge... (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Triple Treat Box Non Veg For Rs 799Enjoy t... (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Order Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta For Just Rs 149... (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Enjoy Unlimited Pizza Friday For Rs 249Unlimit... (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Purchase Tandoori Pocket Chicken For Just Rs 1... (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Paneer Soya Supreme At Rs 545 Onwards (to 28th Jul)
Pizza Hut Sale - Save Up To 40% On Triple Treat BoxStarving due to ... (to 27th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Spicy Chicken Pizza From Rs 359Place an order ... (to 24th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Get Veggie Lover Pizza From Rs 515Enjoy the su... (to 21st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Get Chicken Exotica At Rs 625 OnwardHave a del... (to 21st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chicken Tikka Pizza At Rs 545 OnwardsGet the c... (to 21st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - For Just Rs 129 - Pizza Bao Non VegFill your e... (to 21st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Chicken Supreme Pizza Starts From Rs 625En... (to 21st Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Triple Chicken Feast From Rs 625You can always... (to 20th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Garlic Bread Stix At Rs 99Get a perfect side f... (to 19th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Starting From Rs 275 - Margherita PizzaFeast y... (to 19th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Get Veggie Italiano Pizza At Rs 545 OnwardEnjo... (to 18th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Tandoori Pocket Paneer!! For Just An Amount Of... (to 18th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Veg Exotica Pizza From Rs 545Enjoy the twi... (to 15th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Family Fun Meal For 2 At Rs 565A meal that is ... (to 11th Jul)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Corn Pizza For Just Rs 89Enjoy the finger-... (to 30th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Garlic Bread Stix For Rs 99If you love to eat ... (to 30th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Pizza Hut - Drinks At Just Rs 57Eating a pizza... (to 30th Jun)
Buy 2 pizzas and get 50% off (to 30th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Spice Pizza Starting From Rs 279Get the exotic... (to 29th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Pizza Bao Non-Veg At Rs 129Enjoy your favourit... (to 29th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - At Just Rs 515 - Magic Pan Box Of 4 Non-VegEnj... (to 29th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Paneer & Capsicum Pizza From Rs 129Magic Pan P... (to 29th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Paneer & Capsicum Pizza From Rs 129 (to 29th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chicken Supreme Pizza Starts From Rs 625Get th... (to 27th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Big Pizza Meal For 4 People From Rs 699Fill up... (to 27th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - At Just Rs 169 - Spanish Tomato Non Veg PastaE... (to 27th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Cheese Garlic Bread At Rs 129 (to 23rd Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta At Rs 149Remove your ... (to 22nd Jun)
Sunday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Buy 1 Pizza Get 1 Pizza Free Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Buy 1 Get 1 Pizza free Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Friday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 20th Jun)
20% off on orders above Rs. 399 Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Mondays 25% Off Pizzahut Coupon Coupon (to 20th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Veg Exotica Pizza At Rs 545 OnwardsEnjoy the e... (to 20th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Double Cheese Pizza At Rs 415 OnwardsOrder a t... (to 19th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Starting From Rs 515 - Veggie Lover PizzaPlace... (to 13th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Spicy Baked Chicken Wings At Rs 169Want some h... (to 11th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - Veggie Italiano Pizza From Rs 545Want some del... (to 9th Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - At Amount Of Rs 109 - Tandoori Pocket ChickenW... (to 1st Jun)
Pizza Hut Discount - IPL Special Offer! Save Up To 40% On Triple Tr... (to 31st May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Save Flat 50% On Pizza OrderDon't cook Wed... (to 31st May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Pizza Bao Veg At Just Rs 99Order for this deli... (to 30th May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chicken Sausage Pizza At Rs 395 OnwardsAre you... (to 27th May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Paneer Pizza Starting From Rs 329Alone at home... (to 23rd May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chickeroni Pizza From Rs 515Rejunavate your ta... (to 21st May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Soya Masala Pizza At 415 OnwardsPlace an order... (to 20th May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Chicken Sausage N Tikka Pizza From Rs 545Tempt... (to 17th May)
Chicken Sausage N Tikka Pizza From Rs 545 (to 17th May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Double Trouble Pizza At Rs 545 Onwards!Enjoy t... (to 13th May)
Double Trouble Pizza At Rs 545 Onwards! (to 13th May)
Yummy Lebanese Chicken Pizza From Rs 460 (to 8th May)
Ultimate Chicken From Rs 625 (to 8th May)
Chick N Spicy Pizza Starts From Just Rs 515 (to 5th May)
Spiced Paneer Pizza Starting At Rs 415 (to 5th May)
Country Feast Pizza From Rs 515 (to 4th May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Tandoori Paneer Pizza At Rs 515Order this deli... (to 2nd May)
Pizza Hut Discount - Unlimited Pizza At Just Rs 249A perfect place ... (to 2nd May)
Tandoori Paneer Pizza At Rs 515 (to 2nd May)
Get 50% OFF DCW (to 30th Apr)
Pizza Hut Discount - Buy Magic Pan Pizza From Rs 69Place an order f... (to 30th Apr)
Get 50% off on friday , saturday & sunday (to 30th Apr)
Save Up To 40% On Triple Treat Box (to 29th Apr)
Pizza Hut Discount - Grab 50% On Medium Signature & Supreme Pan Piz... (to 27th Apr)
Pizza Hut Discount - Cheesy Garlic Bread Stix At Just Rs 129Get fre... (to 27th Apr)
Delicious Chicken Italiano Pizza From Rs 625 (to 20th Apr)
Triple Chicken Feast Pizza Starting At Rs 625 (to 14th Apr)
Choco Volcano Cake At Just Rs 85 (to 13th Apr)
Overloaded Meal for 4 people From Rs 699! (to 11th Apr)
Overloaded Meal for 2 From Rs 399 (to 7th Apr)
Garlic Bread Stix At Rs 99 (to 6th Apr)
Chicken Hot N Spicy At Just Rs 119 (to 6th Apr)
Texas Garlic Dip At Rs 30 (to 6th Apr)
Veggie Lover Pizza From Rs 515 (to 5th Apr)
Medium Pan Pizzas With 50% OFF (to 31st Mar)
Save Flat 50% On Medium Pan Pizzas (to 30th Mar)
Buy Desserts At Rs 89 (to 29th Mar)
Buy Magic Pan Pizza From Rs 69 (to 24th Mar)
Cheesy Garlic Bread Stix At Just Rs 129 (to 24th Mar)
Grab 50% On Medium Signature & Supreme Pan Pizza (to 24th Mar)
Spicy Chicken Overloaded At Just Rs 359 (to 23rd Mar)
Unlimited Pizza At Just Rs 249 (to 23rd Mar)
Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme At Just Rs 139 (to 21st Mar)
Tandoori Paneer Pizza From Just Rs 515 (to 21st Mar)
Chicken Supreme Pizza From Just Rs 625 (to 20th Mar)
Magic Pan Box of 4 Veg At Just Rs 385 (to 20th Mar)
Tandoori Pocket Chicken At Rs 109 (to 18th Mar)
Paneer Vegorama Pizza At Rs 545 (to 17th Mar)
Family Fun Meal For 2 People At Rs 570 (to 17th Mar)
Spicy Baked Chicken Wings At Rs 169 (to 17th Mar)
Tandoori Pocket Paneer At Rs 89 Only! (to 17th Mar)
Spanish Tomato Non Veg Pasta At Price Of Rs 139 (to 16th Mar)
Veggie Supreme Pizza From Rs 545 (to 16th Mar)
Spanish Tomato Veg Pasta At Rs 149 (to 14th Mar)
Exotica Pizza Starting From Rs 545 (to 14th Mar)
Eat Delicious Pizza Only At Starting Price Of Rs.275 - Order Now! (to 28th Feb)
Order Soft Drinks!! Price Starts At Rs.57 Onwards! (to 28th Feb)
BOGO on Weekends - Buy 2 Pizza at 50% at Pizza Hut Coupon (to 28th Feb)
Get Flat 50% OFF Mouth-Watering Pizza Coupon (to 28th Feb)
Eat Yummy!! Buy Choco Cake Now - Price Starts At Rs.89 Onwards! (to 27th Feb)
Buy Triple Treat Box At Rs 699 (to 17th Feb)
20% Off Student Orders (to 9th Jan)
Your favourite pizza now comes with stuffed crust at pizzahut (to 31st Dec)
Triple Treat Box at pizzahut (to 31st Dec)
50% Off. Don’t Cook Wednesday Offer at pizzahut (to 31st Dec)
Order Medium Stuffed Crust Pizzas With Up To 30% OFF Coupon (to 7th Dec)
Free Trick or Treat with your Triple Treat Box Order (to 18th Nov)
Thursday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 18th Nov)
Mega Bundle Deal - Large & Medium Pizza, Garlic Bread, Wedges, 1.5ltr Drink and Either 1 Week NOW TV Sky Sports Pass or 1 Month Sky Cinema Pass (to 11th Nov)
Get 20% Off On Orders For 399+ On The Tastiest Pan Pizzas. Valid To... (to 9th Nov)
Pay 30% Less on La Carte Pizzas By Using Pizza Hut Promo Code Coupon (to 4th Nov)
Pizza Hut offer Your favourite pizza now comes with stuffed crust. ... (to 31st Oct)
Upto 50% off on buy 2 Medium Pan pizza at Pizzahut (to 31st Oct)
Get 5% Off on Jewelry at Bluestone (to 31st Oct)
Get Triple Treat Box at Rs.629 (to 9th Oct)
Weekend Offer - Get 2 pizzas at 50% OFF at Pizza Hut (to 30th Sep)
20% Off on orders above INR 399 at Pizza Hut (to 30th Sep)
Flat 20% Off on Online Pizza Order wo... Coupon (to 25th Sep)
Saturday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 19th Sep)
Rs. 101 discount on Rs. 400 Coupon (to 14th Sep)
Twosday Tuesday - Buy One Get One Free On Pizzas Coupon (to 13th Sep)
Tuesday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 11th Sep)
Monday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 8th Sep)
Special offers from Pizza Hut India (to 30th Aug)
Dont Cook Thursday! Flat 50% OFF Pan Pizzas (Takeaways) Coupon (to 23rd Aug)
BOGO on Weekends - Buy 2 Pizza at 50% at Pizza Hut (to 31st Jul)
Magic Pan Pizza At Just Rs. 59 (to 11th Jul)
Overloaded Meals For 2 Starting At Just Rs. 349 (to 11th Jul)
Get Flat 25% OFF Mouth-Watering Pizza Coupon (to 30th Jun)
Pizza Hut Promo - Large Panalo Pizza For Only P159! (to 26th May)
Big Veggie Pizza At Just Rs. 299 (to 25th May)
Yummy Pizza Of Any Size In Just Rs. 239 (to 8th May)
2 For 1 On Pizza Orders Coupon (to 1st May)
Get 50% OFF On Luscious Pizzas Coupon (to 30th Apr)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Large Pizza For $3 Only Coupon (to 31st Mar)
Wednesday Pizza Of The Day Coupon (to 31st Mar)
Magic Pan Pizza At Just Rs. 55 (to 26th Mar)
Big Veggie Pizza At Just Rs. 219 (to 26th Mar)
Triple Treat Box! Meals For 4 At Just Rs. 599 (to 8th Mar)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Spicy Tandy Wings For $1 Only! Coupon (to 3rd Mar)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - Order Personal Pan Pizza And Get A Treat Coupon (to 3rd Mar)
Pizza Hut Promo Code - $1 Treats Coupon (to 3rd Mar)
Free Main When You Collect 6 Points (to 28th Feb)
Meal For 2 At Rs. 499 (to 28th Feb)
Try Pizza Hut Deliveries Cheesy Garlic Twist (to 28th Feb)
Overloaded Meals For 2 Starting At Just Rs. 329 (to 24th Feb)
Online Order Offer! Big Veggie Pizza At Just Rs. 219 (to 24th Feb)
UP To 80% OFF Womens Tops (to 9th Feb)
Get Up To 62% OFF Backpacks (to 9th Feb)
Save Flat 14% On Shopping Gionee F103 Pro Smartphone (to 9th Feb)
Order Delicious Meal For 2 At Rs. 499 (to 9th Feb)
Glow Like Gold & Shine Like Diamond With Up To 84% OFF Beauty Care Products (to 9th Feb)
Yummy Pizza Of Any Size In Just Rs. 199 (to 31st Jan)
Free Side When You Collect 3 Points (to 31st Jan)
Mega Bundle Deal - Large & Medium Pizza, Garlic Bread, Wedges, 1.5ltr Drink and Either 1 Week Sport Pass or 1 Month Now TV Entertainment Pass (to 15th Jan)
Buy One Get One Free Pizza Coupon (to 12th Jan)
Buy One Pizza Get One Free Coupon (to 31st Dec)
Medium Pan Pizzas Starting At Just Rs. 199 (to 15th Dec)
50% Off Orders Coupon (to 1st Nov)


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29th Jan: We 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗮
29th Jan: Pick one. Pick all. Try out one of our delicious sides the next time you order a pizza.
28th Jan: There is only one way to celebrate India’s historic win against New Zealand. A pizza party. #INDvsNZ
27th Jan: Celebrate chocolate cake day with Pizza Hut’s delicious Choco Volcano cake. Go order for cake’s sake.
26th Jan: Pizza Hut wishes you a very happy Republic Day!
25th Jan: Your EX’s life. The money you’ve spent on makeup. Your career path. Tell us what you wish to track. The most inter…
15th Jan: Pizza > Egg
14th Jan: Switch on the Funday mode with some delicious pizzas!
13th Jan: This Sunday, make sure something delicious comes knocking on your door. Order now.
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11th Jan: Our pizzas have got your back when hunger strikes.
10th Jan: Time to plan the most awesome house party!
9th Jan: Plan a party because it’s Don’t Cook Wednesday with Pizza Hut!
8th Jan: Which one of our side goes well with our pizzas? Guess what, every side.
7th Jan: Instead of hating on Mondays, make them better with some delicious Pizzas from Pizza Hut and let pizza be your…
6th Jan: The recipe for a perfect Sunday consists of waking up to the smell of coffee, endless hours of television and some…
5th Jan: Each of our 11 new pan pizzas are truly one of a kind. Order now.
4th Jan: Post movie dinner plans? We got you!
3rd Jan: The big match is here! So go ahead and cheer Team India for the win with a big snack.
2nd Jan: 50% off on delicious Pan Pizzas every Wednesday.
1st Jan: Happy New Year, lovely people!
30th Dec: Pizza Hut has a secret message for you. Yes, YOU! There are 9 words hidden in the grid. Look for the 9 words, make…
29th Dec: All our 11 New Pan Pizzas are blockbusters. Have you tried them yet?
28th Dec: Just like one super-cop movie after another, our unlimited pizzas just keep on coming.
27th Dec: Say Thank God It’s Thursday and treat yourself with our Triple Treat Box.
26th Dec: Pan Pizzas at 50% off every Wednesday!
25th Dec: Wish you a very merry Christmas! #MerryChristmas
24th Dec: Celebrate Christmas Eve with glittering candles, warm blankets and piping hot pizzas. #merrychristmas
22nd Dec: Try out our 11 New Pan Pizzas and finish the year on a happy note.
21st Dec: Enjoy unlimited pizzas every Friday, only at Pizza Hut!
20th Dec: The only thing to do on a Thursday is to treat yourself and all your friends!
19th Dec: Instead of asking your mom to cook dinner, just surprise her with our mouth-watering Pan Pizzas.
17th Dec: If you decide to have fun on a Monday, no one can stop you. Just order our delicious Pan Pizzas and make your Monda…
16th Dec: If you feel the Monday blues creeping in, order our delicious Pan Pizzas and get 50% OFF on delivery on 2 medium Pa…
23rd Nov: We give you the best movie night food! Order now.
22nd Nov: For a fun time with friends and family, we give you a little more! And more is exactly what you can expect when you…
21st Nov: We give you the easiest and most delicious way to deal with your anger issues, or should we say hanger issues? Orde…
20th Nov: Try something sweet today! And that too at an unbelievably sweet price. Order now.
19th Nov: Make sure your Monday looks like this! Order Now.
18th Nov: Make your Sundays special with a special diet. Only this one has loads of cheese and delicious toppings. We call it…
17th Nov: We give you 11 new Pan Pizzas. Enjoy them with friends and family and experience a taste that is truly out of this…
16th Nov: A great movie deserves a great treat. And where can you find it? Where else, at a Pizza Hut near you. Order now!…
15th Nov: Time to call your besties and treat them! Order now.
14th Nov: Remember when happiness was ordering a pizza for dinner? Relive your childhood with Pizza Hut. Order now!…
13th Nov: Try our Choco Volcano, it is chocolaty on the inside and chocolaty on the outside. Now that’s what we call a comple…
12th Nov: Sometimes, to start your week, all you need is a little push, or should we say a cheesy slice. Order now!…
11th Nov: To have a great Sunday, all you need is good company and good food. You get the company, we deliver the good food.…
10th Nov: The festivities don’t have to come to an end! Order our wonderful Triple Treat Box and keep the celebrations going…
9th Nov: Another reason to fight with... we mean, bond with your siblings! Happy Bhai Dooj. Order now!…
8th Nov: Don’t let the celebrations end just yet. Order now!
7th Nov: This festive season, let’s have a burst of flavors and not crackers. Have a safe and pollution-free Diwali. Order n…
6th Nov: Yes, you can treat yourself to a year’s supply of free pizzas. Just tell us why you would switch to Pizza Hut throu…
5th Nov: We all need this kind of Monday motivation, don’t we? Order now and give your week the kick-start it needs.…
4th Nov: Now that’s a great reason to switch, isn’t it? Tell us why you are switching to Pizza Hut by sending us a one-liner…
3rd Nov: With our 11 new Pan Pizzas, we give you a delicious way to enjoy a Saturday with family and friends. Order now!…
2nd Nov: Go ahead guys, make the switch to something wonderful. Simply send us a one-liner, a picture or a video, and tell u…
1st Nov: Order the Triple Treat Box and enjoy thrice the amount of goodness with friends and family. Order now!…
31st Oct: Wish you a night of frights and a box of delightful pizzas! #HappyHalloween #ItsTimeToSwitch Order now!…
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30th Oct: Ready or not, here we come…with the best contest ever! Participate here.
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29th Oct: The time has come to switch to the extra-ordinary pizzas from Pizza Hut. All you got to do is tell us your reason t…
27th Oct: We know that Karwa Chauth is an important day for you. So, we just wanted to say that we are there for you!
25th Oct: Awesome flavors and triple the amount of luscious cheese, this Triple Treat Box is best enjoyed with friends and fa…
24th Oct: Yes, you can win unlimited pizzas for a year! All you got to do is write a clever one-liner, click a picture or cre…
23rd Oct: Here’s a dessert that promises to deliver big and bold flavors, at an unbelievable price. Order now!…
19th Oct: This Dussehra, let cheesy pizzas triumph over boring food. #ItsTimeToSwitch
17th Oct: Pujo time! May the divine Goddess Durga bless you with divine flavours!
16th Oct: Want to know what irresistible tastes like? Come & try this sinful dessert at a sinful price. Order now…
15th Oct: Start your week on a tasty note with our wide range of freshly baked pizzas. Order now…
14th Oct: Reposting @AbhayDeol Thank you @NehaDhupia @karan009wahi @Divyanka_T and @Roymouni for making the switch challenge…
13th Oct: Mouni Roy switches to delectable pizzas! Reposting @Roymouni Feels good to switch things up once in a while, especi…
13th Oct: Here’s Divyanka Tripathi choosing the tasty over the bland. Check out how! #ItsTimeToSwitch Reposting @Divyanka_T…
13th Oct: Why stop at one when you can try not one, not two, but eleven new flavours? Endless pizzabilities await. Order now!…
12th Oct: Karan Wahi getting a taste of the best! #ItsTimeToSwitch . Reposting @karan009wahi One crazy challenge @AbhayDeol…
12th Oct: In the midst of our daily disappointments, there is only one thing we can always trust and rely on: pizza. It will…
11th Oct: Whoa! @AbhayDeol just made the extraordinary switch. So what’s stopping you? Go ahead, #ItsTimeToSwitch
10th Oct: This Navaratri, order from our range of delectable pizzas and give your festivities a tasty twist.…
8th Oct: Got a case of the Mondays? Don’t worry we have the cure! Pick any Medium Pan Pizza and get 50% off. Have a happy No…
7th Oct: Sunday can’t be quite complete without a cheesy pizza. That’s the modern day definition of turmoil. In fact, it’s c…
6th Oct: The spotlight is on our 11 new pizzas. Order 1 or 11 now, and tell us which one takes the centre stage for your tas…
5th Oct: From the creators of “cheese wars-the movie”, comes a delicious tale of cheese. A tale you’d love. A tale you’d wan…
4th Oct: Three isn’t always a crowd. Sometimes it’s just a great meal! And there’s nothing more satisfying than 2 pizzas wit…


17th Aug: #WOWTakeAway
13th Aug: #WOWTakeAway
10th Aug: #WOWTakeAway
24th Feb: WOW! 50% Off

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